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Conan’s Corner

Welcome back dear readers.  Assume you all enjoyed my Valentine’s Day poem, it took a lot of thought (nearly interrupted valuable eating time).  Just call me the resident Catanova!  Haha, geddit?
Gypsy and I have been on a break; she was moved to her own pen for a while to give me some breathing space as I cannot cope with the mood swings.  Is this what marriage is like for you humans?  I have never been so glad to be a cat!
I am now sharing my cushion with Blondie and Tala and it’s very peaceful.  Tala is a tiny dynamo (she’s the one who Claude and I spotted getting through the fence to pinch our food) and is created in my own image inasmuch as she won’t let the staff near her.  Sometimes Smokey joins us for a cuddle – Sam calls us the Grumpy Gang which I think is very unfair of her – I do occasionally have a chat with Jelly and Charly through the fence, those boys are just great.  Ok a bit too staff-friendly for my liking but they have ignored my constant warnings.  I confess to being slightly jealous of their new toy, the beehive; I might have to ask my sponsor, Miss Lesley, to find me one of my own, I’m sure she’d only be too happy to help me out as I must be her favourite.
Currently it’s all lovely and peaceful here as we don’t have many cats disturbing me – of course this will change soon when we reach PKS (Pesky Kitten Season) and I will need to find a sleeping position where I cannot hear or see them.  There are a few new boys who look interesting but obviously no threat to my patriarchal status – Casper in particular is desperate for staff attention.  Honestly man, have some dignity!  You’ll never get them to do what you want if you are so needy!  However, I have noticed Tala eyeing him up through the fence – no chance Tala, you’ve been spayed now, those thoughts shouldn’t be entering your head …
The storeroom has been tidied and all the staff are admiring it apparently – not that it bothers me, as long as I can have a blanket that Gypsy hasn’t poo-ed on, I am happy (I say happy, slightly less grumpy than usual I should clarify).
Until next time, lovely people.  Love and paws, Conan xx
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