Offering dogs a foster home

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The shelter is no place for very young puppies who need regular feeding throughout the day and night and continual monitoring to ensure their health and development and ensure their socialisation. Giving a foster home to a small puppy may sound like a fun thing to do, but the sad reality is that many puppies are abandoned and found in terrible condition. It is often a question of life or death, and the specialist knowledge and dedication that some of our carers have in dealing with very young and delicate babies is amazing.

Adult dogs who need some extra care and attention due to ill health, lack of confidence or maybe just can’t cope in the shelter environment need more individual care than the shelter can provide.  A foster home is the best solution in these instances.

That is why our volunteers are so important to us.  We are very reliant on these heroes who often also work with us to find permanent homes for their charges so that they do not have to come back to the APROP shelter at all.

Giving a dog a foster home can be hard work and challenging but it can also be fun and very rewarding. 

If you think that you have what it takes to be a foster home, we would love to hear from you.

Contact us: (+34) 611 08 5024 (ES) (+34) 605 57 5883 (EN, Dawn) (+34) 654 61 6043 (EN, Moira) Email: