Financial donation

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How can I donate?

You can make a financial donation to APROP in various ways:

By Sponsoring An Animal

If you do not want to be an Associate Member but might like to help one or more of our longer-term animals, you can learn more about our cat or dog sponsorship programmes here (for cats) and here (for dogs).

By Supporting A Project

Our current big project is the refurbishment of the dog kennels. You can learn more about this and (if you wish) donate towards this project by clicking here.

Via Credit or Debit Card

You can make a donation using your credit or Debit card by clicking the button below.

Via Paypal Donate

You can make a donation using Paypal Donate (click the Donar button below). Our account is Use this option if you specifically want to donate from your paypal balance or if your card is not accepted with the Credit/Debit card button above.

Via Cash donation

You can make a cash donation by dropping your cash at the donation box at the shelter (click here for details on how to find us) or in the APROP collection tin at one of various local business.

Our tins can be found at the following business locations in Pego:

Via Teaming

Donate €1 each month via the Teaming scheme.

Our teaming group is called APROP Protectora d´animals de Pego, follow this link

Teaming is a great way to donate money to APROP. €1 a month seems like a tiny amount – to small to make a difference – but if enough people team, small amounts of money can build up into significant amounts.

The other benefit of Teaming to APROP is that we know that we will be getting the same amount of money from you and other Teamers every month, which helps us with our budgeting, rather than just relying on ad-hoc donations.

Via Bank Transfer.

To make a donation by bank transfer, please use the following details:

Bank Details:

Bank Name:Cajamar Caja Rural
Bank Address:Av. Valencia 803780 Pego Alicante
IBAN:ES52 3058 2585 7327 2000 5772
Attention:APROP, Pego

It may take up to 7 business days for your payment to be confirmed in our account.

Leave APROP a gift in your Will