Spain doesn’t have a great reputation for its animal welfare practices.  This is particularly true in respect of its traditional hunting dogs, galgos and podencos, which are abandoned or slaughtered in their thousands every year.  But many other dogs are also kept in sub-optimal conditions with minimal attention to their care and welfare. 

Dogs are sometimes handed over to APROP by their owner because they cannot look after them properly for whatever reason, or are brought to us by the police who have found them wandering or abused.  Additionally we often find dogs that have been left in the outside kennel overnight.  We never know what new entrants we are going to receive from one day to the next.  Recently we have had many podencos and mastins, another traditional Spanish breed. 

The capacity of the dogs that come to APROP to still trust and love humans is extraordinary.  Sometimes this is immediate, sometimes it takes a little time and work, particularly if the dog has suffered extended abuse.  Whatever their background and needs, APROP will do what we can to make them well and socialised in order to help them find a permanent new home.

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