Our articles (charter) & Internal Regulations

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The Articles of Association / Association Statutes

Associations in Spain are required to have a document called the Articles of Assocation (this may also be referred to as the “Statutes”).

You can read our Articles of Association / Association Statutes by clicking the appropriate link below.

APROP Estatutos (ES) (1885 downloads )

APROP Association Statutes (EN) (1074 downloads )

The Internal Regulations

Like many organisations, APROP’s Articles of Association are relatively generic and only provide the basic information that is required for any Association.

In 2022 it became apparent that more detail and clarity was required to support the members and board of directors (the “Junta”). APROP took legal advice on how best to address this and learned that it is normal practice for an Association to create “Internal Regulations”. These regulations act as an addendum and/or overlay to the basic Association Statues, providing more detail, guidance and clarity that is specific to each Association. 

In February 2023, Association Members voted unanimously to implement this set of Internal Regulations. To ensure our proposed regulations would be clear and would not contravene any of the legal rules associated with Associations, they have also been reviewed by a lawyer.

The Internal Regulations are generally aligned with the existing Statutes but merely add more detail in order to clarify what is meant or provide additional guidance in case of any ambiguity. In other instances they augment, but do not fundamentally change, the sense of the Statutes as they currently stand.  For ease of reference the relevant Articles from APROP´s statutes have been included in appropriate sections in the document.  There are also a few additions that are not mentioned in the Statutes relating to Financial management, Publicity & Social Media and Complaints.

APROP Reglamento Interno – ES (Approved 02-2023) (505 downloads )

APROP Rules of Internal Regulation – EN (Approved 02-2023) (515 downloads )