Volunteering at APROP

We are totally reliant on a multi-national team of volunteers who provide their time, effort and love freely to run the shelter and look after the animals. 

There are lots of different things that need doing, some tasks directly involved with the animals, such as cleaning, feeding, training, walking, grooming, socialising, etc; or administrative roles, such as record keeping, social media, fundraising; or more specialist work such as building repairs or photography.

We are just grateful for whatever time people are willing to spend helping out.  And if you have a particular preference or skill that you would like to use, then let us know.

We are currently looking for volunteers for the following roles:

  • Cat feeding and cleaning
  • Dog feeding and cleaning
  • Cat cuddling and socialisation
  • Dog walking 
  • Site maintenance co-ordinator
  • Fundraisers


If this sounds like something you want to try, or would like more information, Contact us:

Tel/WhatsApp:  (+34) 611 08 50 24

Email (dogs): apropego@gmail.com / Email (cats): apropcats@gmail.com

From one of our volunteers – Why I volunteer at APROP

I love spending time with animals – any animals.  And I want to do something that I enjoy and also where I am contributing to a good cause.  APROP ticks both those boxes for me.

But , surprisingly, I get a lot more from it than that. I work with an amazing, multi-national team. I have made some really good friends. And I feel more a part of the local community.

Seeing the faces of the animals when you arrive at the Shelter and they look so happy and hopeful (and hungry of course) is very rewarding. Knowing that you are making their lives better and doing something to help an animal who can’t help themselves is a gift.Seeing them happy, especially when they go on to new homes and lives….that’s priceles

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