Find the right cat for you

Whether you’re a lifelong cat-lover or embracing the idea of a new pet, getting a new cat or kitten is a great experience. Choosing the right cat for you is important and we believe in matching the right cat to the right home. After all, just like people, all cats are different.

A kitten is likely to require more energy and attention than an older cat, but older cats are likely to be more settled.

Care is another issue and long-haired cats need more grooming than short-haired felines.

Indoor or outdoor cat?  While some cats like heading out, others will be content to stay at home – especially if they’ve been indoor cats from a young age. Some cats need to be confined indoors due to medical conditions or because of a dangerous outdoor environment, while others are just happier living an indoor life.

You should also consider carefully if you have children in the home or other pets.

Talk to one of the APROP cat volunteers who will be able to help you determine which cat might be a good fit to your household.

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