Lost & Found

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We often know nothing about the animals that come to APROP. Sometimes dogs or cats have been handed into APROP by the police or members of the public who have found them wandering, or they have been left anonymously in the kennel outside the shelter.

If we know that the animal’s owner no longer wants to care for the animal, or is unable to keep them, for whatever reason, we can start to look for a new home for them immediately. If, however, we have no knowledge of their history, we are legally obliged to keep animals for 21 days in case an owner appears before we can offer them for new homes.

This section of our site is for animals whose history we don’t know and who may have loving homes and owners who are looking for them. Maybe you know the animal, maybe you know their family. If so, please get in touch with us so that we can return them to their real homes, or at least discover their story.

Contact us by telephone or Whatsapp +34 611 08 50 24

Found 08/09/2023 Sari

Found 08/09/2023 Aina

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