How to adopt a cat

If you have seen a cat you like the look of on our website or social media posts, or if you are not sure exactly what you are looking for, just fill out this  ENQUIRY FORM and one of our volunteers will be in contact with you.

Our aim is to match the right cat with the right people so that everyone is happy.  We do that by having a conversation with you to find out your lifestyle and the environment in which the cat will live.  We can advise you on what cats may be most suitable for you.

So, once you have decided on a cat to become a new member of your family, what happens next? 

  1. You will be asked to bring in a cat carrier to transport your new cat home.
  2. You will be asked to sign an adoption contract.
  3. You will be asked to make a donation of at least €60 as a contribution towards some of our costs, plus anything in addition that you would like to donate.
  4. As it is now a legal requirement that all cats are ID chipped, you will be asked to take the cat to a vet to have this done asap if the cat does not already have an ID chip, or to have the legal owner on the ID chip changed from APROP to your own information at the earliest opportunity.
  5. You will take your new family member home.

Pre-requisites for adoption are:

  1. You have to be of legal age and you will have to identify yourself with a piece of identity (DNI, NIE, NIF, Passport).
  2. If the cat you adopt is not yet neutered, you are obliged to have this done as soon as medically possible.

Signing the adoption contract means that you agree to:

  • Look after the cat in the most optimal way and to provide it with quality food, exercise, education, time, shelter, space, etc.
  • Give your cat all the veterinary care it needs.
  • You will not use the cat for reproduction or breeding.
  • You will take the cat back to the shelter if you can’t take care of it anymore and will not abandon it.
  • You agree to communicate with the volunteers who may want to follow up on the progress of the cat in its new home.

About adoption donations:

APROP is a volunteer run shelter; we depend on the Pego council yearly contribution and private donations to be able to give the best possible care to our animals. The adoption donation is a contribution towards all the veterinary costs for the animal whilst in our care, this includes all the required vaccinations, treatment for common parasites (internal and external), and all other veterinary costs including spay/neuter surgery.

APROP reserves the right to refuse to give up animal to adoption when the adopter fails to meet the requirements. Furthermore, APROP reserves the right to reclaim a animal when the adopter fails to meet the requirements.

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