Street cats of Pego

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APROP supports the trapping, sterilisation and release of feral cats in the Pego area.

If you would like to donate towards the cost of trapping and sterilising feral cats in Pego, you can do so by clicking the donate button below. Alternatively use one of the other donation methods on our donation page (click here but please let us know the donation is for the feral campaign by adding a reference if possible, or sending us an email at

  • Learn to live with feral cats
    We get lots of requests to take ferals that are not wanted. But moving a feral cat from one place to another is not simple and also, with the new animal welfare laws, it is now illegal to move feral cats and their colonies.  They are territorial and will often build relationships with other cats
  • Help us to sterilise more feral cats
    Please donate so that we can sterilise more feral cats in Pego
  • Sterilising Pego’s feral cats
    APROP is leading the trapping and sterilisation programme for feral cats in Pego.
  • Taking responsibility for street cats
    Why do we blame street cats for existing and only doing what comes naturally?