Feral Cats

Help us to sterilise more feral cats

APROP supports the trapping, sterilisation and release of feral cats in Pego

Earlier this year, a newly created team of volunteers from APROP trapped and sterilised 30 feral cats, many of which would otherwise have given birth to litters of kittens. 

The cost for sterilising a male feral cat is €42 and for a female feral €85.  The sterilisation costs were paid for by a government grant provided by the Ayuntamiento to the vets in Pego.  Unfortunately this money has now all been used.

Many fertile adult cats remain, and many kittens that were born earlier this year are now becoming old enough to give birth to their own litters. 

We need your help so that the trapping and sterilisation programme can continue this year.

Please donate to the APROP Feral Cat Campaign

If you would like to donate towards the cost of trapping and sterilising feral cats in Pego, you can do so by clicking the donate button below or using one of the other donation methods on our donation page (click here).

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