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As a charitable organisation, APROP relies upon donations to fund our work to help local animals in need. 

APROP receives some funding from the Pego Ayuntamiento but this covers only a fraction of our expenses.  As well as the cost of feeding the animals and providing a safe and clean environment for them, our veterinary expenses are considerable, and the rental, maintenance and upkeep of the shelter buildings and fencing is a constant financial burden.  Every repair or upgrade or other project we want to do means that we need to raise money to do the work.

You can make a financial donation in various ways:

  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal
  • Teaming
  • Cash donation at the shelter or in a collection tin at a local business
  • Sponsor one of our animals
  • Sponsor one of our kennels or pens
  • Contribute to one of the specific funding initiatives that we publish
  • Attend one of the fundraising events organised by APROP

Other ways to give

Money is not the only way of donating to APROP. 

There are many items that we are always happy to receive.  These include:

  • Cat and dog food and treats
  • Cat litter
  • Puppy pads
  • Cat and dog beds
  • Bedding material (including towels, blankets, garden furniture seat cushions)
  • Dog and cat houses
  • Cat trees
  • Dog and cat toys
  • Cleaning materials

These items can be brought directly to the APROP shelter. 


We have partnerships with some businesses that will benefit APROP when you shop with them, for example:

  • There is a donation trolley at the Pego Aldi store where you can leave items bought at Aldi for APROP.
  • The Salamandra charity shop in Javea give APROP cash donations from items sold from their shop and also donate bedding materials.
  • Kiwoko pet shop in the Ondara shopping centre will make a contribution to APROP’s account when private individuals buy items for APROP.

Donate your time

The other thing you can donate is your time, by volunteering or liking and sharing our social media posts. The more people who see our social media posts, the more donations we are likely to receive and the more animals are likely to be adopted.