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Conan’s Corner

Welcome back dear readers to the wonderful world of ME!
My cat cafe and open day went extremely well the other weekend, my merchandise flew off the shelves and Bomber Command now needs to make some more due to the extremely high demand – which of course I wasn’t surprised about. Naturally, I was going to be popular! The staff just stood around and ate cake as far as I could tell … I was given a cat nip stick, probably just to keep me quiet but it was a lovely stick fresh out of the packet so I had a wonderful time rolling with it – I think photos were taken but I was too blissed out to actually care at the time. Naturally, it was only for medicinal purposes … don’t get me wrong, I am not addicted to the things. At all. In the slightest. And I stand by that statement.
Anyway, onto very sad news. My lovely Amba was adopted last weekend and I am now bereft! She waved at me when she left and whispered, lovingly, ‘see you, fatso’ in a most endearing way. So her new family better take care of her otherwise they will have me to deal with. Lots of people are familiar with my claw swiping, I have ruined numerous pairs of plastic gloves so I have form! Also, Felix left for his new home – it does seem strange with Pen 3 being empty but I know that he would have probably eaten me if we had come face to face at any time …
This months conundrum has come from Debbie in Denia. Debbie has cats who are partial to treats and keep asking for them. This is where Sam and I have disagreed – I didn’t see this as a problem in the slightest but apparently my answer needs to be thus …. Well, Debbie, unfortunately all us cats love treats and we will eat as many as we can get away with! But, being the voice of reason, treats are high fat (which is why they taste so nice!) and us cats cannot be healthy with fat around our vital organs, like our liver etc. So it’s best to ration the treats to a couple a day.
We have our bingo night on 6 May, I have been invited but of course I cannot hold the pen thing to cross the numbers off – so I had to decline. So apologies to those who are coming and were expecting a ‘meet and greet’ with me. Please spend a lot of money to help Miss Evi and the street cats.
Until next time lovely people, love and paws, Conan x
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