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Teaming and New Arrivals

Welcome back dear readers, did you miss me?  Sure you did!
Silver, the object of my affections, has moved nearer to me so I can admire her more closely.  Even in my courting days, I’ve never seen such a beautiful vision.  I’m trying to position my cushion so that I am always facing her.  She cannot fail to notice as I am, after all, me – a fine figure of a cat and maybe she goes for the older man?  I might wash my bottom in her eyeline so she can see how flexible I still am – that’s bound to work, right?
The weather’s not been great although of course we all have plenty of fur to keep us warm and snug bed boxes.  Christine (our Bomber Command) is talking about something called Teaming where, if everybody who likes me gives the shelter a euro each month, then we would have a lot more money!  Ah ok, I’ve just heard its everybody who likes the shelter, not just me (but that basically means me really).  It will help with vets’ bills, especially as kitten season looms ever closer and, more importantly, food for me, er I mean us.  And possibly we can build on to the shelter – I quite fancy a dressing room and en-suite.  Come on people, join the Teaming Team!  You can find out more about it if you click the Support Us button at the top of my page er, I mean the home page.
Sam has just muttered something which sounded suspiciously like “power corrupts”.  Rude.  I will ignore her.
We’ve also had more arrivals – two lovely looking ladies, Latte and Princess, are now in Pen 1 – although I don’t think they’ll be here that long, they are nearly as pretty as my Silver.  Latte has such gleaming whiteness, I must ask her what she uses – and Princess is a major fluff ball.  Both came from a house where their slave had to go into hospital and cannot look after them anymore.  They both like cuddles for some strange reason – what is it with all of you and this cuddling business?
Until next time lovely people.  Love and Paws, Conan x
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