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Welcome back dear readers. Conan here to round off the month in completely marvellous and fur-fabulous tabby and white style.
It’s STILL hot – why can’t they DO something about this? My paws are worn down writing to HR and I am still ignored. My life is just so unfair.
We have new staff members – honestly, even more people to train up, I can do without it. I did swipe twice at one of them to indicate that I wasn’t going to make friends just because they are new. It takes ages to train one up (I’ve given up on Sam – in fact I gave up on her early on, she’s only really suitable for taking dictation and even then, I wonder about her abilities).
So, we now have Jana in our garden and she’s lovely – even though she’s tiny, she holds her own against Gypsy which is always amusing. She did touch my tail early on so I gave her a hiss to warn her off but now we are friends. We don’t get too close to each other (we are not that type of friends) but a sort of mutual respect. She is such a little thing though; one puff of wind and she’d be flying around the orange groves! We’d have to tether her like a balloon.
I hear that we still have a load of pesky kittens who need homes – please somebody, take them! Or they will all end up here and disturb me by squeaking, trying to play and eating all the food. All three things are never acceptable, us patriarchs need our peace and quiet as how else are we going to ponder the universe and give our considered opinion on matters?
Amba is still playing hard to to get as she’s always resting in her bed box. I know all these feminine wiles quite frankly and I realise that she finds me so devastatingly attractive that she can’t bear to look at me too often in case she gives in to her feelings and makes a fool of herself. Silly girl, naturally I would overlook such exuberance ! She can’t help it – I mean, look at me ….!
Until next time lovely people Conan xx

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