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Welcome back dear readers – thank you for all the concern over my heartbreak.  I saw a photo of Silver with her new human and I had to admit she looked very happy.  Maybe she’ll write?
Best news this week was that breakfast was an hour early on Sunday! Something to do with summer time – I’ve put in a request to see if we can have summertime more often but apparently that’s impossible.  People do not try hard enough in my opinion.
Anyway, back to me – Bonita, my cushion-sharer friend, went to her forever home recently.  There is now a vacancy should anybody fancy it?  I am quite selective though; they need to pass interview with myself and potentially Ella who is my other cushion-sharer.  We cannot have just anybody – no snorers of course and only those with a small enough bottom should apply (Fred, not you – you’re a great chap but your booty would frankly cause an eclipse).
Bobbie has had to return to the shelter unfortunately, he wasn’t settling in so he’s back and he might come into my garden.  Nice as he looks, I’m not going to encourage him to my cushion either as he’s very floofy and that can take up a lot of space also.  Staff will update you on his progress.  I’ve asked Blondie to apply and she will be considered favourably.
Finally, an ICB (Important Conan Broadcast).  As you know, I’m a cat of humble means, I don’t ask for much – just food, a nice bed and cushion, people not getting in my face and peace when I choose to dictate – not that demanding?  Now, all of you know Jon and Traci, our great friends – they really need to re-home their furry feline family as they’re going back to the UK and cannot take them – come on people, see if you have space in your hearts and houses for more felines!  I’ve seen pictures of them all – a boy and two girls (and I think I’m getting a crush on Molly) they look great and you know that they will have been well brought up.  Do it as a favour for me – you know I deserve it?
Until next time lovely people – love and paws Conan x

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