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Welcome back dear readers.  Things are hotting up at Cat HQ, possibly to do with the weather, but we have a great sun sail now erected to protect us from heat stroke – and to stop the staff sweating, it really is a most unattractive look for them.  Cats can handle the heat so much better – but, as I am fond of saying, we are the superior species.
Anyway, back to me (of course), the funniest thing this week was watching Sam trying to catch Pipa so she could see the vet.  I nearly fell off the catwalk as I was laughing so much, although then I remembered who I was and just sneered condescendingly.  She doesn’t have a CLUE!  Pipa naturally out-smarted her at every turn.  Keep trying staff, keep trying …
I have been practicing various poses so that I can have more photos taken to send to Miss Lesley, my sponsor mum.  It’s impossible to find my best side given that every side is my best side.  Although I fear Sam has taken photos of me rolling over a catnip stick which is quite undignified – I don’t know what comes over me, it’s like a spell is cast.  I’ve asked Tilly to help out – well, she’s black and black cats are meant to have special powers (can I just confirm that they are NOT unlucky, I hear that in the UK you are considered very fortunate if a black cat crosses your path, brings good luck – adopt this new Conan Mantra immediately, people).  And fortunately for me, Tilly also has a small booty so perfect cushion-sharing fodder.
The other garden now have their own tent – I think they were jealous of mine so Bomber Command bought one for them – Lara seems to have appropriated it when I last looked in.
I also have a new love interest – a vision of loveliness arrived yesterday called Layla.  She originally came in pregnant but now her kittens have gone to homes, she’s been sterilised and now back with us – ooooh, she’s very pretty although I cannot see her all the time from my tent – and naturally it’s an effort to move – but when I have my meals, I sneak a look at her.  Naturally I am trying to stay cool about it, nobody likes their suitors to be too keen …

A couple more pesky kittens have gone to forever homes, this is good progress people but not great – us cats are not very big (well, in general, some of us are a tad on the generous side) and don’t take up that much room so surely every house in Spain should have at least one?  That would solve all my problems – well, that and a lifetime supply of catnip.  Anyway, I digress, it’s simple people – just neuter your pets, it’s not rocket science!  Come on, do it for me … you know you want to …
Until next time lovely people – love and paws, Conan x

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