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Adoptions Update and Personal Heartbreak

Welcome back dear readers … to the wonderful world of Conan (ok, and others)
Well, what a trauma this week has been!  I have gone from grumpy introspection (my default setting), passing nimbly through rage and ending up in FURY!  Why, you might ask?  Well, I will tell you.  Somebody, who shall remain nameless, advertised my gorgeous Silver on Facebook for adoption, she was immediately spotted and she’s now gone to a new home.  I am bereft and heartbroken!!  Sam has offered to bring me a cat nip stick to make me feel better – it will take much more than a poxy stick, woman!  I was thinking more along the lines of a tray of Kimba and a bumper pack of Catisfactions.  I felt so faint that I could hardly eat more than three quarters of my breakfast.
Onto better news, we’ve had more successful adoptions, Princess and Meg – I told you Princess would not be here for long – her paws hardly touched the shelter ground before she was off again.  And finally, Meg has found her ‘lap for life’ and is living in literally the lap of luxury in Javea (see what I did there?  I’m just so funny).  And Rosie and Bobbie found their new human and went off together to a new life in Benissa.
Layla has had her kittens – four of them!  Pesky things, kittens.  Always making a noise and disturbing my sleep.  Fortunately, they are safely away from me in foster care.  If I’m lucky they will go straight to homes from foster so I won’t have to bother with them.  The staff will update you when they’re ready to be re-homed but rumours are that they are tri-colour – always pretty although of course not as pretty as me – and I believe there is also a waiting list.
In other news, we have an actual Cat Walk. A walk for cats!  Everybody is queuing to have a go on it although most (staff and cats) are reluctant to be underneath when Gypsy’s having a wander … and my garden has a new cat tree with lots of shelves to sit on – so we can all look down on the work that goes on each day and out of reach of staff’s wanderings hands … and if Sam pokes that feather on a stick in my face again, I am going to do her some serious damage …
That’s all for this week folks, love, paws and heartbreak, Conan xx
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