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Conan’s Corner

Welcome to the first edition of “Conan’s Corner” – your one-stop shop for everything that is happening at Cat HQ.
Firstly, an introduction.  I am Conan, the Patriarch of Cat Aprop, like a feline Great Uncle Bulgaria if you will – and Mr February on your calendars.  I’ve been at Aprop for as long as I can remember and I’m nearly 11 years old now.  I am NOT a fan of people although I tolerate them as they bring food and treats; and empty our litter trays of course.  I much prefer the company of other cats as they are naturally the more superior species.  I will be doing a regular column here to update everybody on what’s happening at the cat shelter, including interviews with some of the other cats and the volunteers – as long as it doesn’t interfere too much with my eating and sleeping time.
Our most important news this week is that we are back under our repaired roof!  Lots of people, lots of hard work and advanced jet washing happened whilst we were all temporarily moved to some spare dog pens and now, we are reaping the benefit of it all.  There are lovely warm places to sleep when its sunny and we are also well protected when it rains.  A daily supply of food and what more could we ask for?  Big thanks to the dog people for their hospitality over the last few months.
We’ve also had some adoptions – Santini, Mya, Jamie, Mowgli, Maggie May and Mia have all gone to new homes recently.  Great news especially for Mia as she’s been with us 2 years!  How come people never noticed her brilliance before?  Anyway, they all now have their forever families (so hopefully more food for me).
Anyway, that’s all for this week – tune in to my next column and find out what other shelter shenanigans are happening.  Love and Paws, Conan x
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