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Shelter Update and Interview with Sam

Welcome back dear readers.  Kittens continue to arrive thick and fast so please let Bomber Command (aka Chris Thorpe) know if you can help us out with adopting or fostering.  Honestly they make so much NOISE if they are near me.
The staff have grown us some special cat grass which is meant to be good for our digestion – I’ve had several good chomps at it already.  It doesn’t taste of much, I was hoping for at least some sort of meat flavour – anyway I decided to lie all over it as surely the additional ‘sabor de Conan’ will enhance the experience for the others?
So here’s my Interview with Sam.
C – Hi there, what have you bought me?
S – Er, nothing?  Whatever I show you, you have no interest in unless it’s in a food dish and you’ve probably overdosed on cat nip already
C – Well try harder next time!  Honestly, it’s not that difficult … anyway then tell me about yourself – if anybody is actually interested …
S – Yes I realise that I am only here to serve you Conan – and type up your wisdom
C – Yes, yes, quite right, let’s get on with it then, it’s nearly nap time
S –  Ok, I moved to Spain 3 years ago with my husband and two cats.  Since we’ve been here, we’ve adopted a stray from our village and then one from here at Aprop about 18 months ago
C – From here?  Which one did you have?
S – Remember the tiny black kitten with the white heart on her tum?  It was called Victor on arrival but then it went to foster care, we decided to adopt it, whatever the gender and she turned out to be a girl so we called her Cora and she’s now a hefty 7.5kgs
C – You say that like it’s a bad thing?
S – Well, it’s not great to be that large really – lots of fat around the liver and other internal organs so she’s on a diet which she hates
C – What is this diet word?
S – To give cats less food so they weigh l ….  Conan?  Conan ….!  Conan, come you, you’ve just fainted
C – Ooh whasup, where am I, where’s the food?
S – You are fairly well rounded yourself; I wonder how much you weigh?
C – Excuse ME.  I am NOT fat; I am big boned!  I am rubenesque!  My centre of gravity is just lower …. !
S – Ok, ok, it’s fine, I don’t think anybody has mentioned you going on a diet anyway, I just wondered
C – I think you should get on with your work woman, told you that you wouldn’t be that interesting
S – Still a charmer I notice – do you want to play with the feather stick?
S – Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle – I think that was Plato?

C – Now I know you’ve lost the plot when you’re quoting Mickey Mouse’s dog at me …

Until next time lovely people when I will give an update on all the tiling – love and paws Conan x

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