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Welcome back dear readers – it’s all a bit chilly at HQ but luckily we have warm boxes and most of my er, I mean our, fur is currently looking magnificent in its fluffiness and fullness!
So, what has been happening in January I hear you ask?  Well I will tell you – I think Gypsy is going through some sort of menopause, talk about mood swings!  One day she wants to share my cushion and have a chat; the next she’s grumpy and trying to take chunks of fur out of me.  In my haste to get out of her way the other week, I jumped and landed a bit awkwardly.  As I have some, shall we say, natural ballast, it was quite a heavy landing and the staff saw me limping, a video was taken and my prognosis enquired about online.  It was suggested leaving me a couple of days to see if I improved – this was from Sam and heaven help us when she’s the main voice of reason.  Anyway, come Monday, I was feeling a lot better so there was no need to take me to the scary vet person (I would have fought to the death to avoid such a fate at the best of times).  I am currently giving Gypsy a wide berth until somebody orders her some HRT .
We have all been subjected to anti-parasite pipettes – I was assuming I would get away with being my usual aloof self, ignoring them and escaping their clutches and I thought I had done pretty well and was preparing to sneer at their for their incompetence whilst congratulating myself on my cunning.  Alas, short lived.  I was distracted and one of them (mentioning no names) managed to get me!  Argh !!
Jon has left us to go back to the UK with his family – naturally I cannot understand why this would need to happen but I wasn’t consulted on the decision.  He’s been here for EVER, constantly with his phone in my face taking videos but I might actually miss him (but don’t tell him this, it will ruin any street cred I have).
Apparently we also had a rabbit left in the overnight kennel recently.  I didn’t see it as it was whisked off somewhere but I wonder what that would have tasted like … ?
I am currently working on my Valentine’s poem for this year – I know how much it was appreciated last time.
Until next time, lovely people.  Love and paws, Conan xx

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