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Welcome back dear readers.  It’s been such a traumatic week, I cannot tell you.  Therapy might even be required.
Firstly I had the indignity of being chased out of my garden – yes I know!  Apparently it’s going to be tiled to make cleaning easier.  Therefore we had to vacate and move in with the residents in the next garden.  Several stand-offs occurred.  Still, it gave me a chance to inspect the quality of their toys, cat-walk and general facilities.  I was pleased to note that their food was the same ie, not better than ours.  I have been supervising the tiling of course. Hope it’s not too cold under my bottom? That will need to be addressed urgently if so.  One garden is already tiled and the other one is well underway.  However, I found the sofa on the first day and have decided to take that over, assert overall authority and stay in this garden – I will now be accepting sofa sharing applications.
Secondly – and remember Sam told me she had a gift for the shelter and laughed like a witch?  Well, of all things, it’s a NET!  One to catch cats !!  I intend clawing it to pieces if it comes near me … they’ll never take me alive !!  Or, if they do, better get their affairs in order, you know what I’m saying …
So, in other news, Fred of the Big Booty has gone into long term foster.  Great news for him as he wouldn’t have been able to come into the gardens with the rest of us really, with his FIV+ and he was getting lonely.  He starred in his own video!  Actually I would like to star in a video as well but Sam said I have to sit on somebody’s knee or let myself be stroked – both unacceptable as far as I’m concerned.  Also, Billie has also gone to live with one of the staff to see how he get on in a family house.
We’ve had a few new entrants, mainly male cats though, where are all the girls??  We need some decent window dressing around here, I can’t do ALL the work myself.  Staff will advise you on them when they’ve been vet-checked.
ICB (Important Conan Broadcast) – Bomber Command has a list on our website about all the kittens we have available, if you would like one (please – if only to preserve my peace, quiet and sanity as they are noisy if they come back to the shelter), let her know and she can add you to it.  They are all the colours and all the sizes at the moment so plenty to choose from. They are being advertised on our Facebook page too.
Until next time, lovely people – love and paws, Conan x

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