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Conan’s Corner

Welcome back dear readers – am sure you are all agog to hear what’s been happening to me er, I mean to us at the shelter. Never a dull moment, that’s for sure.

We’ve had a small tent as a donation which is like a child’s teepee in the shape of a castle – there are cushions in it which I have appropriated – so I own the sofa and now the tent. A very good vantage point in both cases for supervising staff and generally surveying my kingdom. It would be perfect if the food could be delivered to my tent but apparently the staff draw the line at that. I’m not sure why? The staff have already been calling me King of the Castle – never a truer word spoken !

The tiling has now all finished, Gypsy and I have been supervisor and foreman (forecat?) to ensure that neither Adam nor Leo took too many breaks and got on with the job in hand. It all looks so different from what it was and so much better, like a cat hotel – definitely got the Conan Seal of Approval. Although my request for underfloor heating must have got lost in translation as I cannot see any attempt to comply with or obey my wishes? Where are Feline Resources when you need them?

Ella, my previous cushion-sharer of the small booty, has gone into long-term foster/possible adoption with some of the new staff – where she’s making friends with the cats already living there. Fingers crossed it all works out well for her but she’s welcome back any time to see me of course. I’m trying to persuade Latte to come and sit with me – I cannot stop looking at her as she’s very pretty. For some bizarre reason, she doesn’t seem to like me – I just can’t understand it. I am, after all, me!

Seven of the pesky kittens have found homes, come on people, we have plenty left! They exhaust me just watching them … the black ones look like they have been just blow dried, what’s that all about? Although more are arriving as I dictate, it’s hard to keep up with it all and we are running low on foster carers according to Bomber Command – far too many kittens already and we are only in May!!! Give your heads a wobble people !!

So, the best news has happened since we last all spoke – me, little old me, has a sponsor! A lovely lady in England called Miss Lesley saw me online, naturally she recognised my beauty, intelligence and superiority and decided to sponsor me. Sam seems more excited than I am but then us senior cats are not prone to undignified outbursts of emotion. Sam has told Lesley how happy I am and now Miss Lesley will receive news and photos of me – plus she is the shelter’s first official sponsor and will therefore receive a certificate (especially sat on by me). How appropriate that I should get the first one – but naturally there would have been no competition with a cat of my calibre. The monthly donations go towards my food and any visits to the vet (shudder) which might be required. Sombre, Sophie, Gordi and Gypsy are also available for sponsorship, as are Katy and Choco in the dog section. It’s a great way for people to get involved – follow Miss Lesley’s lead, she obviously knows best !!

Until next time lovely people (spay and neuter your pets or else!) – love and paws Conan x

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