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Welcome back dear readers, another month has now passed and hopefully spring is soon on its way – it’s been so cold! I know I have a lot of fur but, even so, if I had bodily parts that could shrivel, let’s just say they would have by now! Body heat has been the way forward and there have been as many of 5 of us sharing one cushion.
I’ve had some friend requests from overseas this month too (sensible ones, not those with lots of flesh on display and strange things called cleevadges which I’ve not heard of and cannot spell) so a new hello and welcome to them, it’s gratifying to know my fame is spreading globally. Sam says maybe I can ‘trend’ whatever that means. I did assume that, being me, I was already trending but what do I know, being a humble Humanitarian Cat?
The cat nip has been on the low side in February which is not ideal. I may or may not have stockpiled some for personal use – staff could attempt to find it but you’ll need a search warrant for my space, you are warned. I know my rights! During some confusion and some sleight of paw, Marmite nipped into the other garden pen – he must have thought the food was different. Now, of course, he’s resisting all attempts to be returned! He sits on the cat walk and blows raspberries at me. Sam did try and persuade him but he just dug all his claws in (mainly into her and then the following day into Mr Michael!) and point blank refused to cooperate. Good luck to any other staff who want to have a try …
The problem this month has come from Helen of Xativa. She says that she thinks she would like a cat but isn’t sure as she works part time. Well Helen, you get two cats! Then they can be company for each other whilst you are out. Then they can play together and they won’t shred your furniture. In fact two bonded cats would be ideal – much as I would like to get rid of Gypsy, I can’t, paw on heart, recommend her for such a thing as nobody would want to go along with her. So Helen, there’s your answer. Aprop isn’t far away so we’ll expect to see you at our premises very soon! Although, why would you want to work when you have cats to cuddle at home? Give your head a wobble Helen!!
Until next time, lovely people – love and paws, Conan x

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