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Conan’s Corner

Welcome back dear readers.   I do NOT appreciate all this rain, it spoils my fur and I can’t do a thing with it.
So what’s been happening this month I hear you ask – well I will tell you – Tina and Casper got adopted which was good for them.  Felix also got adopted but had to come back as he was beating up his dog brothers which made them really scared of him.  I don’t know why as surely all dogs need keeping in their place?  But, regardless, he’s back and really needs a home where he’s the only pet, not just the only cat.  That way he can have world domination, just the way he likes it.
Tala and Blondie are turning to ‘the other side’ and making FRIENDS with the staff !!!  I asked what had got into them and Blondie said that somebody had stroked Tala in her sleep and she quite liked it.  Then she told Blondie that stroking was ok and now Blondie likes it too.  Do I have to be the sole voice of reason in this place?
The new cat tree has been assembled in my garden.  Tala was the first to get on it – well, she is the youngest and most agile – and actually it’s brilliant, lots of bits to scratch/sharpen claws on and it’s really high too – excellent approaching staff vantage point.
On 17 March, it was St Gertrude’s Day (also St Patrick’s Day) but St Gertrude is the Patron Saint of Cats.  I tried to remind Sam but she totally forgot, the daft woman.  Naturally St Gertrude is the best saint of them all – I keep asking her for extra food to be delivered and sometimes there IS a delivery by Bomber Command!  It’s amazing that St Gertrude does listen to me.  But then, why wouldn’t she?  I am, after all, me …  I’ve been promised that next year we will celebrate it properly.
Until next time, lovely people.  Love and paws, Conan xx
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