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Welcome back dear readers, another chance for you all to worship at the Conan altar. You know you love it really.
Somebody, who shall remain nameless, actually said to me the other week that I had a God complex. Let me tell you something – I do NOT have a God complex because I am God (of Aprop anyway) !!!
Anyway, back to business, it’s not been a bad month for adoptions, we’ve managed to oust er I mean adopt a few pesky kittens and also a couple of older cats which is always good. Thank the lord kitten season is over for another year although it seems to get longer and longer each time. We still have a few at the shelter who seem to want to play all hours and mainly when I am either resting or bestowing my vast knowledge – neither need interruptions!
I also had special visitors in November (Miss Lesley, Miss Fiona and Mr Alan) who came with lots of gifts, nothing less than I deserve of course. They had to come over on an aeroplane to see me! Just proves how special I am.
It’s been a bit windy and is blowing my fur in all types of directions – I have noticed some staff sniggering about our new hair-do’s, rude I say ! I’ve also heard a vicious rumour that treats might be given less and less going forward; I have made a complaint to HR about this and I repeat, REPEAT that I am NOT fat, I am rubenesque! That means lovely and rounded!
Mr Dave and I have been having lots of manly chats about the Chelseas and Orba FC (who sound about the same skills-wise) – when I give him a break from cleaning my litter tray, can’t have him slacking. New staff have also joined so I have to make time to ensure they are all trained up sufficiently – honestly, as if I don’t have enough to do, running this place. So many demands on my time …
I have also been told to change my profile picture for December as there’s that thing called Chris Mouse coming again in a few weeks. Not sure what it entails really but the staff get all jolly and I suspect a few glasses of wine will be exchanged. It means presents too so please ignore everything Sam said about too many treats and add us to the list for Santa!
Until next time lovely people – love and paws, Conan x
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