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Welcome back dear readers.   Unfortunately PKS has started now (Pesky Kitten Season).  I was hoping to avoid it this year but no such luck … sigh … I did assume Bomber Command sent out my memo saying no more kittens – maybe I need to check with her.
We also have vacancies for staff!  Who would like the absolute honour of looking after me, er I mean us?  It should be a pleasure to replenish my food bowl and make sure I have some toys!  Give Sam or Bomber Command a prod if you fancy making the short list as I intend choosing those who I deem suitable.  Another way to earn favour with me is to foster the pesky kittens so they don’t have to come near me – again, let the staff know if you like tiny fluffballs.  You don’t need much in the way of experience, just a spare room and some patience (I wish I had both.  But I don’t.  Sorry)
So here is my conversation with Felix – conducted at a safe distance through the fence.
C – Morning Felix
F – Hey there mate
C – Er, I am Mr Conan or Sir to you, young man
F – What you talking about?  You’re all my mates
C – I don’t think so!  You try and beat us all up!!
F – Nah, not really, just being friendly and letting you know who is in charge here, it’s just a nice big cuddle
C – You will find that it is ME, I am in charge here due to age and longevity
F – You?  I wouldn’t bank on it Grandpa …
C – The cheek of you!  I am the most popular cat here!  I have a sponsor and everything!
F – Chill Gramps, only joking, you are too easy to wind up!
C – Hurumph, more respect from you please Junior.  Anyway, any plans for today?
F – Looking forward to a run up and down the corridor when the staff arrive with breakfast.  And then I can blow raspberries through the fence at you lot !  That makes me laugh
C – Honestly, youth is totally wasted on the young …
Until next time, lovely people, love and paws, Conan x

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