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Conan’s Corner

Welcome back dear readers – Conan here, Aprop’s famous bard, visionary and raconteur.
Most importantly, I have news about me (the only news that really matters). My sponsor, Miss Lesley, is coming over to visit me in November, all the way from Engerland. It’s quite exciting and am already wondering what type of grunt, snarl, sneeze or hiss I should bestow on her. Although her being in my presence should be gift enough. I did assume I would be the first to have a sponsor visit although I heard that Sofia has already met her sponsor. My life is just so unfair.
Jana had been adopted but has returned (not her fault, her new mum is not well). Gypsy was paranoid that Jana might come back into our garden! Haha – it would have served Gypsy right actually as Jana kept Gypsy under control and, in her absence, Gypsy resorted to type and tried to chase me and I’m sure she’s chewed some of my fur. But she’s gone into the other garden so she just glares at Gypsy through the fence – hopefully it will be enough to keep Gypsy on her best behaviour.
Incidentally, there was ASH in my BREAKFAST earlier on in August! I heard there was a fire which sounded very scary. Naturally I was so weak with hunger by the time the food actually arrived that I overlooked the bits of ash so I could eat before I passed out.
It has also come to my attention that I’m getting significantly less treats than some of the others. Obviously my letter of complaint has been submitted to HR but I think Gypsy is snaffling them before I get a look-in. I’ve invited Smokey to a board meeting to discuss the subject and he and I have agreed to double our efforts together to head Gypsy off when there is a rustle of a treat packet. Blondie took the minutes and I have signed them off.
Finally, please come and adopt a bloody kitten, they are threatening to take over ….
Until next time lovely people. Love and paws, Conan xx
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