Fight abuse with education

One in three dogs that come to APROP has suffered some form of abuse or neglect. Most of these dogs are left at APROP anonymously, so we rarely know their story.  We do what we can for them.  Sometimes there is a happy ending but sometimes there is not.  See our video below (English and Spanish versions).

In many cases, simple treatments or precautions could prevent these dogs from getting into the state in which they arrive at APROP.  Leishmaniasis in dogs, for example, is spread by a sandfly that is prevalent in the Costa Blanca area.  It can be easily prevented with a medicated collar and/or annual vaccination, but if infected, dogs can be treated with a simple and inexpensive daily tablet.  Many dogs suffer horribly or die because their leishmaniasis symptoms are not treated.

APROP is planning an initiative to raise awareness within the Pego Community about the health and welfare of our dogs and cats.  If you would like to know more or would like to be involved, please contact us at

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