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Welcome back dear readers. To the monthly update from Aprop’s Patriarch and totally Humanitarian Cat.
Now, can somebody explain why this month has an extra day in it? It doesn’t make sense at all! Sometimes these things blow my amazing cat mind – you humans do have some funny habits. Sam tried to explain it to me – something to do with a Gregorian Calendar, but she never makes any sense at the best of times, so I’m still not totally sure – but an extra day of food is always good.
Actually I am in the market for a back up assistant in case I need to let Sam go due to inefficiency. All CVs and resumes addressed to me at Aprop will be considered. A tough disposition is essential! Plus a never ending supply of snacks and the ability to be swiped at without complaint.
So, you are all doubtless aware that Mr Dave is doing a bit of a stroll in April and May to raise money for my duplex and en-suite (although the official story is something to do with a hot water tank). If you could all sponsor him with a couple of euros, that would just be fantastic. I will be watching his progress very carefully to ensure no slacking, I know what he is like. He talks the talk but can he literally walk the walk? Time will tell !…
This month, unfortunately, three youngsters have invaded my garden – they are very agile and annoying. They are quick to try and take my snacks from me but my paw is still super nifty when I have a treat in my eyeline.
Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to give Miss Sylvia a farewell swipe of the claw last week as she’s now moved back to that Engerland place. Doubtless she will miss me er, I mean us, hugely and who can blame her?
May the paws be with you, love Conan x

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