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The following are products that have been bought and are recommended by APROP volunteers and you may find them interesting. For anything else you want to buy, please use the following link that will take you to your own account in Amazon Spain:

Dog house

These houses help to keep our dogs in the shelter dry. Even if their kennels leak when it rains (which some do), these little houses make sure they have a dry, warm place to sleep.

Heat mat for our cats

The winter is here … its getting cold and our cats love to feel the warmth beneath them. These heated mats are so comforting to them on these cold nights.

Cat collars

Good value, reflective and break away fastening.  As they are relatively cheap, it doesn’t matter so much if they lose them (which they do of course).

Taurine supplement

My little old cat will only eat tinned salmon.  Salmon is a good all-round food for cats but doesn’t have taurine, an essential element.  This supplement is easy to add to her food and she is none the wiser.

Can lids

These are a great way of keeping your pet’s food fresh and clean easily in the dishwasher.  And you are also helping to save the planet by not using disposable clingfilm.

Poop scoop

Does what it is supposed to and at a great price.


I bought this to test the kitties for ringworm which glows green when you shine the light on it.  It is not a sophisticated and expensive vet version but it does the trick for me.

Paw Balm

Nice and soothing for dogs’ paws and it works pretty well on my hands too!

Cat balls

One of my cats loves these balls which are light and soft enough for him to pick up and carry around. I find them all over the house and the garden.  Unfortunately the dogs find them too so they have a short life, which is why such a big bag is a good idea in my house.

LED collar

Brilliant for the winter nights when your dogs hide in the garden and won’t come in or when you are walking them in the dark.  They come in multiple colours, are nice and bright and the battery lasts a long time and they are easy to recharge by USB.

Cat carrier

Easy to store as it folds flat and is really light to carry but robust enough for my cats.

Cat toy

This was much smaller than I expected when it arrived but actually it has been a favourite with at least three cats now and is still going strong.  It has even survived the occasional mauling by my dogs.

Easy walk

These harnesses were a real life saver for me.  My young dogs pulled me over when I was walking them and I face planted into the middle of the road and, as a result, I was concerned about walking them both together.  Yes, I know I should have trained them better to walk on leads, but with these harnesses the difference was amazing and I could walk them again with confidence.

Pet suncream

Yes, dogs and cats get sunburn too.  Especially my cat’s white ears and my dog’s nose that has a little pink patch on it that catches the sun.  This cream works a treat and they don’t seem to mind having it put on them either.

Cat patrol Sign

I was hoping that putting up a couple of these signs would make drivers slow down past my house.  I am not sure whether or not they do make a difference, but it is worth a try. We had it in direct sunlight for 3 years, at which point it had faded considerably, so you may want to put it in a more sheltered position.

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker

If you are a nervous cat parent who worries when kitty doesn’t appear whey he or she is supposed to, this is a godsend.  Allows you to track where your babies are in real time and also shows where they have been over the past 24 hours – very interesting.  My only criticism of it is that it doesn’t work when they are in the house. 

Pet pool

Folds up to a small package for storing and is large enough when filled for two largish dogs who haven’t put their paws or teeth straight through it like other cheaper versions.  It is also easy to empty.

Pet Agility Pack

I bought this for my two dogs to exercise them in the shade in the garden when it is too hot to take them outside.  Optimistically I thought they would become star pupils.  Unfortunately I ended up jumping over more hoops than they did, but the equipment is great and easy to put up and pack up again.

Zero Shock lead

This lead has built in stretch that means I can walk my enthusiastic dogs without it taking a toll on my elbow and shoulder joints when they suddenly pull.  And the split lead connection added to it makes it perfect for the three of us to have relaxing walks.

Chuckit Ball

These balls are (almost) indestructible.  I have only lost two so far, one floated out to sea and my dogs didn’t feel like swimming after it, and the second met its fate to my friend’s particularly persistent spaniel who can chew her way through just about anything, amazingly.

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