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Welcome back dear readers to the wonderful world of me and my opinions! I really enjoyed doing the Sunday post the other week but it’s been made very clear that this is a treat and can only be done when Sam is unavailable, I think people are very mean.
I’ve been in contact with a large company based in California. Apparently I can’t give out the name but they are a large mobile phone provider (but not the big one with a name like a fruit) – they sent me a friend request which I accepted and then they wrote and said they had randomly selected me from Facebook and I have won 30,000 dollars! Now I don’t know how many treats or nip this would buy as I don’t understand foreign money but I am sure it would be a lot! I instructed Sam to book me a ticket to that there America but she has refused saying that I don’t have enough pocket money saved up! Naturally I would pay her back (a bit) when I get my winnings – who else thinks she is a total meanie ??
She said she thought it was something called a ‘scam’ as they couldn’t even spell things correctly so my joy was a bit short lived. Still it makes a change from friend requests from ladies with large chests I suppose …
So, back to me – the weather has been kinder to us and I have been trying to murder as many insects as I can. I can be quick off the mark if I need to be – don’t be fooled by my somewhat generous girth, those pesky flying things better watch out if I am about.
I had visitors in the week – all the way from Engerland to come and see me – AND they brought treats. They are now my favourite visitors. Although they didn’t bring Miss Charlotte with them which I’m sure was just an oversight.
No surprises what I am going to talk about next – kittens! They are appearing from every direction and Bomber Command is getting stressed as she has the job of finding places to put them (as long as not near me, I don’t care but I do care if BC is worried as she forgets to bring me treats). Some were even in her bathroom at home which apparently Mr Jerry was not keen on as that was the only place he had some peace and quiet! We all know that this is impossible with squeaky kittens. There are some here in the pens already which drive me to distraction with their constant playing – how is a Patriarch meant to get any rest, I ask you!
I know you don’t want me to be more grumpy than usual! Spay and neuter! Do I have to come and smack everybody personally! Actually I might enjoy that ….
Until next time lovely people – love and paws, Conan x

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