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Welcome back dear readers – isn’t it hot?  I’ve asked Human Resources if they can turn the heat down for a bit each day but it doesn’t seem to be possible – honestly, it’s just a simple request and personally I don’t feel it’s too much to ask.  I don’t even feel like eating much and hence I am becoming a tad more streamlined.  I am also staying well out of Gypsy’s way, that woman is seriously deranged!
I am still gazing at Amba through the fence – she seems to glance at me and then quickly look away with her nose in the air – it must be that she can smell me and finds it enticing, right?  I’m thinking along the lines of a candlelight dinner for two, a pot of cat nip, some Catisfactions and she can listen to my wisdom for an evening – what could be better?  Although, word on the catwalk is that she’s getting close to David – I mean, really?  A ginger?  She can do so much better …..
So, what else has been happening here?  Cats and kittens are appearing like a conveyor belt – nearly every day there is either a cat or kitten in the outside kennel and then we have to find room for them.  As my extension has not been built, we are struggling for room and I do NOT want to share with anybody else – although I might swap one for Gypsy of course.
Sam tried to make friends with me this week – when will she learn that she is my employee, not my friend! I clawed her to emphasise my point so I think she’s got the message.  Just because she decides to sit close to where I am sunbathing doesn’t give her the right to encroach my personal space!  And I can see Amba better from up here anyway and Sam just gets in my eyeline ….
Until next time lovely people, love and paws, Conan x
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