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Thwarting any great escapes of our Houndinis!

Many of the dogs at the shelter arrive scared and many have had limited experience of walking on a lead or walking in the great outdoors with a human attached to them. If you are a regular reader you’ll also know we tend to get a lot of Podencos, who are lanky athletic “houndinis” . To that end APROP have invested in new harnesses and leads that give us the best chance of keeping our residents safe on their walks and visits to vets etc.

Conan and Diana taking a turn, securely attached to their human companions

These harnesses have three straps that go around the neck, chest and stomach of the dogs. There are five points of adjustment so we can assure a good fit to maximise the dog’s security. The new harnesses and leads have been adjusted to each of our resident dogs and we have established a tack room approach so each dog has a hook with their name on it and their individualised gear readily available to the dog walking volunteers. The only challenge left is for the humans to put the gear back on the right hook!

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Natasha Cooper