Who are all these Podencos we get at APROP?

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll be aware we get a lot of Podencos at APROP. Just in the last year we have had 31 Podencos abandoned or surrendered!

Podencos are an ancient breed, believed to be descendants of Egyptian hounds. You have probably noticed their distinctive upright ears that are similar to the images of dogs in ancient Egyptian art.

Estrella our stunning star

They are popular with the local hunters, as they are very suited to the rough, mountainous terrain surrounding Pego. Many of them have difficult lives, living in the campo in extremely small cages with limited access to food; warm, dry conditions and veterinary care. When they are no longer required, particularly at the end of the hunting season they are abandoned, or worse. The lucky ones end up at rescue organisations like ours.

Despite all this, it’s amazing what wonderful house dogs they make! Podencos are highly intelligent but also goofy clowns. They are energetic, so need exercise and stimulation but afterwards are very happy snoozing in the sun or on a sofa! Podencos are very agile and love to run, jump and play.

Big Ron is no match for Olivia, Azahar and Ambra

Have you ever seen a Podenco pounce? As hunters they use all their senses to locate potential prey. It’s an intense, graceful and enthusiastic but, thankfully, usually unsuccessful attempt to catch a lizard or vole they have sensed hiding in a wall or in grass. They are mostly sensitive souls so suit calm households and positive training techniques.

You’ll always remember the first Podenco you fell in love with! Why not start your love affair with Podencos and come visit Cristina, Estrella, and Timple who are currently awaiting their forever homes? You can see them all at our web-site

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