Rescue Sunday – two Podencos saved from the streets of Pego

For a long time there were 2 abandoned Podencos in Pego, one female and one male. They moved through the hermitage of San Antoni but went down to the town to look for food. As is often the case, they were very afraid and had a real mistrust of people which made their rescue difficult.
Our volunteer Tere got down to work and started creating a meal routine for them and following up on them. They were controlled but suddenly they stopped going to the food point. There was much concern if something had happened to them, but by chance we found out that another person was feeding them in another place. So, Tere started following them up at that other point. Every day punctually, the 2 would show up to eat. It was not going to be an easy rescue as the two had to be caught together. But you had to try!

Today, after a long time of abandonment, loneliness, fear, suffering and poor living on the street, the life of DIANA and CONAN has changed forever!
Sunday February 28 … at 3:00 p.m. and the Rescat & Dog team sets up 2 trap cages at the food point. At 3:50 p.m. the 2 appear … the female decides to enter the cage … the male distrusts a little more but finally enters. 16:00h the doors of the cages are closed simultaneously !!!!! We’ve got them!!! Diana and Conan have decided to walk through the door and in doing so they put their beautiful lives in safe hands and become part of the APROP family!

As we always say, this type of rescue cannot be expressed in words, you have to experience them in the first person to know what it feels like! Thank you Rescat & Dog team for your work, for coming from so far and helping us in the rescue! Thanks to all the APROP volunteers who have been helping in the rescue this afternoon.
Above all, a big THANK YOU to our Tere for her involvement with the animals, for her perseverance, her enormous effort, her impeccable follow-up, for going every day for more than 4 months to feed Diana and Conan, for taking care of them, for not giving up and for saving 2 more lives!
They already rest in APROP where we will take great care of them and help them to mend their broken souls and to have the life they deserve! The first thing they have done as soon as they arrive at the protector, has been to get into her little houses ☺️
Welcome Conan and Diana! 💙💙💙💙💙💙

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Ruth Martin

I have been volunteering at APROP since April 2018. You will normally find me there on Tuesday mornings, helping to care for, clean and feed the dogs. In 2019 I adopted Barney, a Podenco from APROP. In fact I have taken a distinct liking to the Podencos and some call me the Pod-Mother! I am also part of the adoptions team the fundraising team and I help by fostering dogs too. Helping animals brings me much joy and happiness into my life.