Puppies … puppies everywhere!

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It seems that Puppy-season is well and truly here! Over the past few weeks at APROP we have taken in 21 puppies.

First there were 3 very scared puppies bought in by the local police, they were found in a sealed box by the bins! Later that same week, a volunteer found a bucket with 10 one week old puppies in it in our car park. Thats 13 … only 8 more to come….

The first 6 of those were found one morning in our outside kennel. No sooner had we found homes for all 6 … then 2 more from the same litter (we think) were left in the kennel outside. So a total of 21 puppies to care for.

Our 10 one week old puppies needed immediate foster carers to hand rear them. We are so very grateful to all our supporters, we found three local foster homes within a few hours. Forever grateful for the sacrifices you make to care for these puppies, it is not easy.

Puppies come to APROP and they can be rehomed fairly quickly, so we don’t always advertise them here on our website. But we do advertise them on our Facebook pages… so please make sure you are following us there.

However, for our readers here, please enjoy these pictures of our little bundles of joy.

The 3 bin pups; brought in by the police
The bucket pups left in our car park
6 of the 8 Fruity pups (each given a fruit-themed name)

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Ruth Martin

I have been volunteering at APROP since April 2018. You will normally find me there on Tuesday mornings, helping to care for, clean and feed the dogs. In 2019 I adopted Barney, a Podenco from APROP. In fact I have taken a distinct liking to the Podencos and some call me the Pod-Mother! I am also part of the adoptions team the fundraising team and I help by fostering dogs too. Helping animals brings me much joy and happiness into my life.