Good reasons to adopt or foster a mature cat

Adopting or fostering an mature cat can be a fulfilling experience.

  • Mature cats are calm, wise and experienced. 
  • Budget.  Many senior cats have already been sterilised, blood tested for major diseases, dewormed, and vaccinated. 
  • You know what you’re getting. When you’re adopting a kitten, you really don’t know what they will be like as an adult cat.
  • Mature cats are great for households with children or for senior citizens.  Older cats are calmer, more relaxed and far less destructive than kittens.
  • Mature cats may integrate more easily with other pets – particularly if you’re looking to add a cat to a house that already has mature cats.
  • A mature cat will love you endlessly. Studies have shown that after being adopted adult cats show gratitude and love in many ways, whereas kittens can take your home and care for granted. 

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