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Conan’s Corner

Welcome back dear readers and a Happy New Year to all my fans.  As I have made very clear, there are no new year resolutions from me – perfection cannot be improved upon so I don’t intend to waste the energy and I will be as fabulous as every other year.
As it’s the start of a new year, below is my interview with Bomber Command/Senora Presidente/Christine Thorpe.  Also, am attempting to have more gravitas more befitting to my Patriarchal status.  And, although it’s not New Year until tomorrow, I intend to sleep in.
Co – Morning Bomber Command!

CT – Hi there Conan
Co – Did you bring any treats?
CT – I will give you some after the interview
Co – Oooh lovely, right then, you’re in charge of the food here?
CT – Well, it’s a bit more involved than that!  But I’m President of Aprop so I have responsibility for all the cats and dogs ultimately
Co – So you get to tell everybody else what to do?
CT – Well apart from “Presidenty” things like having meetings and talking with the Town Hall, I make sure that the shelter is running properly and that it is a nice safe and dry place for you to live.  This means arranging that we have volunteers in every day to look after you, and ensuring that they know what to do…, liaising with the vets that partner with APROP so that you can keep up with your vaccinations and health checks, helping the Fundraising committee to collect donations so that we can afford to keep you in your preferred lifestyle, and supporting the adoption and foster teams so that lots of cats and kittens get homes as quickly as possible so that they don’t take up space at the cattery and annoy you.  And of course I clean out your litter tray and give lots of cuddles to all the cats.
Co – I’m exhausted just listening to all that – going back to the food, where does that come from?
CT – It comes from the supermarket like everybody’s food and we have trollies in various supermarkets that people kindly put food in and when the trollies are full, they get brought to the shelter so we can keep our stocks updated.  You’d hate to run out of food, wouldn’t you?
Co – That’s the stuff of nightmares quite frankly
CT – Well I have to keep an eye on everything so that we run efficiently
Co – I’m going to have to be a LOT nicer to you Bomber Command – you have the power.  So, who’s your favourite cat here?
CT – Conan, you are ALL my favourite, I couldn’t possibly choose between you, I love you all equally.
Co – And that is why you’re Bomber Command, diplomatic as well as everything else.  Although whilst I’ve got you, can you pass on to HR a complaint about Sam.  She mutters rude things under her breath whilst I’m dictating and it’s very distracting

CT – We don’t have an HR department but am sure she doesn’t mean it, she’s usually nice.

Co – NICE?  Hmm, well that’s a matter of opinion … now, where’s that treat you promised?

Until next time lovely people.  Love and paws, Conan x
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