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Welcome back dear readers.  I have been through trauma beyond belief – wait until I tell you.  Firstly, I cannot BELIEVE Sam posted that video of me playing.  She just cannot be trusted!  I just wish I had thumbs so I could delete it – instead I have to sit here and seethe quietly … needless to say, I will look for any camera phones before I think about playing with a ball again!  And then, for my own safety, I had to be practically airlifted out of my garden to the smaller one to get me out of Felix’s clutches – he had a huge mouthful of my fur and refused to let go.  Absolutely no respect for the patriarchy anywhere in this place.  Now that my dignity has been restored, I’ve met up with old friends like Gypsy and Sombre and met two new ones, Dona and Claude.  Basically, they all know the hierarchy so once I move my office over, everything will be as it once was …
Here is my interview with Latte :-
C – Hi there, Latte
L – Go away fat boy
C – Well … rude
L – Listen Fatso, look at me.  Look at my coffee and cream fur and blue eyes.  I am indeed a vision of loveliness.  I don’t need to talk to you.
C – That may be so but I was just being civil.  Anyway, why do you have your own pen?
L – I repeat, look at me – far too gorgeous to share with you lot
C- And you have special food too
L – Duhhhh well of course – it’s not easy keeping me looking this great – I have special food because I am.  Special I mean.  Between you and me, it doesn’t taste very interesting but if I ignore it long enough, I tend to get a treat, it’s a great trick,  you should try it.  Although you look like you eat all your food immediately …
C – Oooh harsh words!  I am forever telling people I am well rounded.  But treats you say … ?
L – I do have the sneaking suspicion sometimes there’s a pill hidden inside a treat but I can’t prove it
C – Good Lord, the staff are sneaky !
L – Tell me about it, humans are well dodgy at times
C – Anyway can we be friends?
L – I’ll get back to you lardy …
That’s gratitude for you …
Until next time, lovely people.  Love and paws, Conan x

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