Breaking news: Immortality is possible!

Have you ever caught yourself wondering about life after death, what people will remember you for, or even looked into the possibility of cyronics?
Well APROP has come up with a solution that is pain free, relatively cheap and will ensure people think good things about you forever after!
A plaque donation for our dog kennel rebuild will see your name emblazed forever on a beautiful plaque at the shelter. You will be in good company too, as others that have donated are obviously kind souls too.
And you could alway do it for a family member, or even club together with family and friends to be immortalised together! It’s only €500 for this once in a lifetime opportunity.
Maybe this isn’t really an answer for immortality, and maybe the title was a bit misleading, but imagine how good you’ll feel knowing you’ve secured a place in APROP’s history and heart forever. See our SOS Dog Kennel refurbishment or click on Support us to make a donation now.

Ron spreading the word
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Natasha Cooper