Mummy cats and kittens

Two young mummy cats and their kittens arrived in APROP this week, as well as several young orphans. Of course they are all absolutely gorgeous!

Molly’s two little kittens were only a few days old, still with their eyes closed when they arrived; and Daisy’s three kittens we think are about four weeks old. Both families have gone into foster homes.

It is always better for the kittens if they can stay with their mum for at least the first few weeks of their lives, and it is better for us too as mummy cat does most of the work for us when they are in foster.

Sadly we have also received some very young orphans only a few days old and these babies need constant care and feeding regularly every few hours. Their future is much less certain without their mother, but thank goodness we have some excellent and experienced foster carers who give them an excellent chance.

We are still looking for more foster carers for young kittens, older kittens, and mothers with babies. Please contact me if you are interested: Christine Thorpe Tel/Whasapp 602242031

Molly & her kittens
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