Kitten fosterers needed

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What could be more appealing than a cute little fluffy kitten?   How about 15!?

Kitten season has definitely started and so far we have 15 young kittens in foster care for APROP.  They are of varying ages but are all too young to go to permanent homes just yet.  I have no doubt that we will see many, many more before the end of autum, but our amazing team of foster carers are already running out of capacity to foster any more at the moment.

This is a challenge as young kittens need specialist care and supervision and the APROP shelter is not an appropriate or healthy environment for them.  Young kittens need a warm, dry environment, regular feeding and toileting and constant monitoring and socialisation, which is impossible for us to do properly in the shelter.  But, if we can’t place new kittens into appropriate foster care we sometimes have no choice.

If you would like to foster kittens for APROP we would love to hear from you.  It is helpful if you already have experience of rearing very young kittens, but not so necessary for looking after older kittens.

For more information contact Christine Thorpe on Tel: 602242031 or email


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