Volunteer roles

Dog walkers

Do you like dogs? Do you like walking? If you answered yes to both these questions then you should think about being an APROP dog walker.

Being in a kennel all day is no fun for any dog, they need the stimulation of new smells and sights as well as the exercise. It is also a great way for our dogs to learn how to walk properly on lead and interact with other dogs, people and vehicles that they may meet.

We like to get as many of our dogs out to be walked every day if we can, but that is only possible if we have the people to do this. As well as being good for the dogs, it is also an opportunity for you to do some exercise and to socialise with the rest of the team – human and canine! It is a nice environment for walking as APROP is nestled in the orange groves just outside of Pego.

If you would like to volunteer or know more about this, we would love to hear from you.

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