CHIPs…with everything!!

On Monday 26th July, this beautiful, shy, but friendly, Spaniel was found in our outside kennel. It turned out that this little chap had a CHIP, which means the police could track down his owners. It turns out that he had been reported as stolen from his home in Granada in mid July. We were able to contact the owner and tell him the amazing news that his 2 year old boy, Leo, was safe with us. Leo’s owner cried with joy. The wheels, quite literally, were then set in motion to get Leo back to his owner – a 4 hour drive away – and transport was arranged, all paid for by his owner. How did Leo end up in a small town in Alicante? Did his abductors have a sudden pang of guilt? We will never know….

What this teaches us is:-
# The importance (and legal requirement) of having your dog chipped.
# The importance of keeping your personal contact details associated with your dog’s CHIP, up to date. 
# The importance of knowing which database your dog’s details are stored in, and ensuring they are registered in the country where they live – Especially important if you have emigrated or adopted a dog from overseas. Please discuss with your vet. 

What we do know is that Leo was re-united with his owner in Granada, in the late evening of 2nd August – a truly happy ending! Be happy, darling Leo! 

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Natasha Cooper