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Beethoven’s second……..interview with his furever family!

Beethoven arrived in his new home in England at the end of April. APROP NewsHound joined Beethoven and Tim to chat about how it was all going.

Beethoven – Having known me for a few days now, what three words would you use to describe me? Tim – The three words I would describe Beethoven would be “cuddly, dopey and energetic.”
Beethoven – How was I, after my long journey from Spain? How long did it take for me to recover? Tim – You were so tired after your trip, but very excited to explore your new surroundings; after a walk you slept for a very long time !! 
Beethoven – Has the vet met me yet, and how did that go? Tim – We’re going to the vet soon.. fingers crossed you like them!!
Beethoven – What rules have I broken or stretched? Tim – Hmm… well you are a very good dog on the whole – the one rule you stretch is trying to go on the sofa, you like the sofa ! 
Beethoven – What has surprised you about me? Tim – The thing that’s surprised me about you is that you’re so quiet ! 
Beethoven – What’s my favourite meal? Tim – Your favourite meal is chicken flavoured biscuits but we have to to mix it with a little wet food so you eat it.
APROP NH – What’s your favourite toy? Beethoven – So far I don’t seem too interested in toys but my master keeps trying. I do like to chew a bone once I’m encouraged to do so.
APROP NH – What’s your favourite game? Beethoven – My favourite game is trying to wrestle my master and sitting on him so he strokes me. I don’t like it when he stops stroking me. Grrr..
Beethoven – Where’s my favourite place to sleep? Tim – see below…

APROP NH – How many walks a day do you get? Beethoven – I get three walks a day, I love walkies !! I get really long walks when we have days off together.

APROP NH – Have they been able to source big & sturdy poo bags? Beethoven – Oh, they collect my poo in sturdy black bags – I don’t know why they are collecting it !! 
APROP NH – What do your friends and neighbours think of you? Beethoven – I’ve met some other people and they love me ! The lady that lives next door to me loves me and I really love her too !! 
APROP NH – Have you been to a pub garden yet? If so, please describe how that went? Beethoven –They haven’t taken me to a pub garden yet; maybe when the weather gets better! Hopefully soon … 

What a wonderful adoption tail to tell! Wishing you all a long, wonderful, happy life together.

Tune in, next time, for more stories brought to you by the APROP NewsHound!

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