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Beethoven’s first ….. interview with his new owner

Beethoven, our wonderful larger than life Mastin-X starts his journey to the UK on Sunday. We gave him a chance to ask Tim, his new owner, about his adoption and what he can expect in his new life. We’ll also be getting an update once he’s arrived on how its going for both of them!

Beethoven – How did you first hear about me/see me? Tim – I first heard about you through my partner who is from your home town Pego and then we saw your photo on the internet saying you’d love a family !

Beethoven – Other than my devilish good looks, why did you decide I was “the one”? Tim – Well you are a handsome boy but apart from that we researched your ancestors and read the description of your character and thought you’d be fun to be around and you deserve a good home.

Beethoven – I assume the APROP hotel staff have been gossiping about me. What do you already know about me? Tim – We know that you’re big! Getting bigger by the minute ! We know you’re friendly and are a good boy when it’s walkie time ! 

Beethoven – Did you have any hesitations/concerns about adopting someone you haven’t met? Tim – Well we don’t have hesitations, just nervous that you’ll like us ! We are very excited to be meeting you !

Beethoven – Describe a typical day I can expect in my new life. Tim – You can expect your day to start with walkies ! You’re a big fella so some breakfast, your new mum works from home so you’ll be looking after her and protecting the garden! You’ll be off for a lunchtime walk a bit more food, I’ll be home in the afternoon and then we’ll go for another walk and some playtime ! We’ll be having dinner relaxing in the garden or if it’s cold we have a fire that I’m sure you’ll love falling asleep next to! 

Beethoven – I hear you have a very interesting job. Is there a “bring your pet to work day”? Tim – I’m a postman so it might be difficult to take you to work ! But my mates from work are looking forward to meeting you!

Beethoven – I know I’m a big lad but I have to ask will I have sofa privileges? Tim – We’ve got you a really comfortable bed; much nicer than our sofa ! 

Beethoven – Do I have any siblings? Tim – Well after a few months we would like to adopt a brother or sister for you to hang out with, but for now it’ll be just the three of us.

Beethoven – What will I like most about my new life? Tim – You’ll love your new life! We live in the countryside so there’s so much space for walkies! Your garden is very nice to explore and lots of birds to make friends with and a cat that visits the garden! We’re going to have so much fu ! 

Beethoven – Will we be celebrating my arrival with pawsecco, a cup of tea or a bowl of water? Tim -There will be a lovely big bowl of water waiting for you, we’ve bought you a massive bowl so you’ll never go thirsty ! 

Beethoven – Most importantly tell me about the menu at your establishment. And are second helpings encouraged? Tim – We are researching what’s best for your menu but don’t worry you won’t go hungry! There will be treats though! When you’re a good boy! We don’t want you getting fat so we’ll keep you healthy!

Watch this space to see how things turn out!

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