­čôúPlease welcome the December Cat of the Month and therefore our Christmas Cat – its PipaÔŁú´ŞĆPipa is nearly 3 years old and has lived at the shelter all her life and we don’t know why! She can be a bit shy but has blossomed over the years and is now firmly part of the Jardin Rosa gang. She’s a very dainty fluffy black girl whose fur looks just blow-dried and it’s soft as silk. She enjoys being picked up and being made a fuss of.­čś╗ Being black, naturally she is overlooked and sometimes she’s not as forward as some of the stronger cat characters. Naturally, we will speak to her in more depth during the month. You can read more at https://www.aprop-pego.org/pipa/­čśŻ

– adopt!
– don’t buy!
RESCUE is the best breedÔŁú´ŞĆ

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