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Why not become a Teamer?

What is Teaming? Teaming is an online tool to raise funds in favour of social causes with micro donations of 1€ a month. The philosophy is based on the idea that 1€ does not have much of an impact if donated alone, but if we join forces, we can make beautiful projects possible.

APROP is a member of Teaming and we would love to increase our number of Teamer’s. So, we have over 5000 followers on Facebook alone, but only 142 people signed up as Teamer’s. It would be our dream to have half of our followers signed up as Teamer’s each donating 1 euro a month. That would transform how we could run our shelter and support our animals.

Will you join us? Sign up to be come a valued Teamer at the link below. THANK YOU.

Be a Teamer

Our Teaming Target: 1000 Teamers


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