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You can’t change a dog’s past, but you can re-write its future…

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This week’s PodCast is brought to you by one of the most beautiful Podencas to ever grace APROP. Our stripey girl, Ela, had been living on the streets of the many pueblos of a local valley, but was eventually rescued and brought to the shelter. Timid, at first, Ela slowly unearthed her cheeky, playful side and has just gone to what we hope is her Furever Family, along with another relative newcomer, the lovely Lucas. Both their pasts seemed quite dark and now they have only light and love to which to look forward. 

Lucas and Ela bonding.

Before Ela left for an idyllic life by the beach, she managed to interview our newest Podenca resident, the smiley ball of fun that is Phara!

Ela : So, how come you are being looked after by these lovely hoomans at APROP?
Phara : To be honest, am not entirely sure. It’s all a bit of a blur. I came here, very briefly, when I was just a puppy, but then went to live in a lovely home filled with love, walks, treats and hoomans who adored me. After an uneasy start to life, I had hit the jackpot! 
Ela : That sounds amazing – and exactly what I’m told awaits Lucas and I when we leave the shelter. So, what happened?
Phara : Well, I’m two years old now and unfortunately, one of my hoomans is unwell and so can’t take care of me anymore. They were very sad and upset, but in the contracts that people sign with APROP, it says that if there are any problems in the future that APROP will be there to try and help out. I guess it just shows that there are no guarantees and that things can unexpectedly change.
Ela : Has this place changed much in the past two years, then?
Phara : I can’t really remember, to be honest, but everyone has been very friendly and I’m enjoying making friends with everyone, especially Big Ron the Mastin. It would be great to have better waterproof kennels with built in shade and proper tiling to make it easier to clean, and better fencing to keep us all safe. Actually I think I heard Big Ron saying something about plans are afoot as his kennel,in particular, floods every time there’s rain. Paws crossed! 
Ela : But you won’t be here to see that, hopefully, Phara – especially as you’re July’s Dog of the Month! Quite an accolade for such a newcomer! I’m sure that someone as beautiful and playful as you will grab lots of attention, and you’ll soon be enjoying those home comforts once again.
Phara : I certainly hope so, but in the mean-time, I’m making the most of my time here and becoming a firm favourite with the volunteers – just like you were, Ela. I’m so happy for you that you’ll never have to fend for yourself again and will continue to learn that hoomans can be loving, kind, gentle and fun! I think that both our futures are bright and we can leave the past where it belongs! 

Phara, our smiley Dog of the Month!

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